Post-COVID Consumer Predictions

Post-COVID Consumer Predictions featured image
Our team at Doe-Anderson has been looking at the lasting effects the COVID crisis will have on brands far into the future. We’ve outlined seven trends and how brand owners should prepare and adjust. Because we will get past this, but change is afoot.

Keep Calm & Brand On

Keep Calm & Brand On featured image
It’s a time unlike any other, and we’re all juggling an almost unimaginable number of challenges and choices that are crucial to our brands and businesses – both now and for the future.

Write what you don’t know.

Write what you don’t know. featured image

It all comes back to that old piece of advice: write what you know. A good idea. But if you’re writing ads, you often don’t have the option to write what you know. You have assignments, some of which have no obvious relevance to you at all. Your job as a writer, the job of any writer, is to find the truth behind the subject.

Prove you're not a robot.

Prove you're not a robot. featured image

Chatbots are one of the emerging communication tools we’ll likely be tinkering with.

In the short time we’ve been researching, the ups-and-downs in bot-world have followed a cryptocurrency-like volatility. What was set to be a one-off post on the subject will likely have much follow up as the back-and-forth settles.

Denied. Obstructive ads and why Google is banishing them.

Denied. Obstructive ads and why Google is banishing them. featured image

Starting February 15, Google Chrome is planning to stop showing ads (even its own) on websites not compliant with the Better Ads Standards.Building an ad blocker into the most-used browser out there might alarm some advertisers. But, in terms of user experience, we’re seeing plenty of silver lining from the gold standard set by the Coalition for Better Ads.

C’mon back! How retargeting helps customers get back to buying.

C’mon back! How retargeting helps customers get back to buying. featured image

It’s a bitter fact that most website visitors drop the ball when heading down a website’s marketing funnel. Whether they’re not ready to buy, they think they can get a better deal elsewhere or they just plain got distracted, almost 70% of customers abandon the shopping process along the way. But with ad retargeting, we can coax these primed visitors back into the buying process.